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As an Account Executive, you will be responsible for helping new leads evaluate how can help them solve their business challenges.

We’re seeking someone with sales experience, ideally from a SaaS background, to join our new sales team. So far, all our sales efforts have been done by our founders, and we are looking for someone that will help improve our processes and effectiveness.

We approach sales from an educational mindset, and pride ourselves on being product-experts, so we can help customers solve their problems. We believe that the best way to sell is by “helping”, not “selling”.

You should have an understanding of the evolution of SaaS sales (self-service free trial) and be able to apply that to building a sales pipeline that drives successful onboarding during trials, and closes the ideal leads. The majority of leads come from various inbound channels such as SEO, content marketing, guest blogging, partnerships and marketplaces.

You’ll be responsible for qualifying and closing inbound 14-day free trial sign-ups into successful customers. You’ll spend a lot of time talking with leads and getting to know our ideal customers. A typical day-in-the-life would be answering incoming sales and emails, scheduling and hosting demos and converting prospects into customers (a full-stack sales process).

You will work closely with the Product team to report customer insights and help improve our onboarding experience which helps leads convert. You will also work closely with Marketing to help define and prioritize the best lead generation initiatives to attract more of our ideal customers into our pipeline.

While we accept both on-site and remote candidates for this role, we require that remote candidates be located in Europe or on the Eastern coast of America. We accept a maximum of 6-hour difference with our headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

What you’ll do



Where will I work?

If you decide to join us at our headquarters, our main office is located in the heart of Brussels. Bars, cafes, and restaurants are only minutes away by foot. Access by tram, metro, train and bus is super easy.

Who will I work with?

Our team is composed of 5 people, with backgrounds ranging from Marketing, Product Management, Front-end dev, Back-end dev all the way to DevOps architect.

We also have the chance to have an awesome advisor who is David Darmain, the CEO of HotJar, a massively successful startup in the feedback and analytics space.

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